Seminars and Webinars

In the 1990s, PEOA pioneered the use of 'webinars'
(interactive training via the Internet)
amongst the polygraph profession.

Such interactive --and free-- round-table discussions
continue in 2009, different topics each month.

Some of these interactive forums continue for several days;
members have the choice to either
quietly observe or to jump in and participate.

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The current on-line Continuing Education
'webinar' available to PEOA forum members:

Using An Interpreter for Polygraph Examinations

Participating Members Only; no fee!

Using published Federal guidelines; this is split
up into several daily postings throughout this month.

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Last three topics:
---Polygraphing incarcerated persons
---Objective Scoring System 3
---Polygraphing amputees & pregnant persons

FREE to PEOA members.

FREE two-day in-person Polygraph Workshop:
1: CE Polygraph Fundamentals Skills Update Workshop
2: CE Immigration Polygraph basics workshop

October 22-23, 2008 in Los Angeles CA

Need spelling of your name in advance
for your Continuing Education certificates.

Participating PEOA Members Only; no fee!

Next 2009 Immigration Polygraph Seminars
in-person schedule to be posted here soon.

2009 Immigration Polygraph
in-person seminar copyrighted
material handouts typically include:


Polygraph for Immigration / Asylum / Refugee applicants

Information on the US Asylum Program

Asylum polygraph information

Acronyms involved with
Immigration/Asylum/Refugee matters
(Know what these initials stand for, or risk looking
uninformed when dealing with immigration attorneys!)

The US Government’s definition of Asylum

The required elements of Asylum

What determines a ‘Well-Founded Fear’?

What is ‘Persecution’?

The REAL ID Act of 2005

The REAL ID Act of 2005:
Corroborating Evidence
“ . . . . may require other evidence to
corroborate otherwise credible testimony”

Key laws involving Asylum

What is a ‘Merits Hearing’?

Definition of Marriage Immigration Fraud

Sample: an actual Asylum Hearing appointment letter

Affidavit of Support (19 pages)

VAWA: Violence Against Women Act
(increasingly involved in immigration matters)

Websites of government agencies
connected to immigration/asylum

Definition of Amnesty

Amnesty information

The major sources of evidence

Definition of ‘Expert Witness’

Testifying in court as a Polygraph Expert

Other types of Immigration-related hearings

Glossary of Immigration terms

More asylum polygraph information

Bars to Asylum
(no exceptions:
if any of these apply to an applicant,
asylum will not be granted)

A potential bar to asylum,
and how to deal with it:
If applicant was a member of
the military in his homeland.
(As a military member, he may be
considered to be a ‘persecutor’ himself)



IRCA: Immigration Reform and Control Act

LIFE: Legal Immigration and Family Equity Act

News story, misconduct and wrongly deporting/denying

Typical technique used, asylum polygraph examination

Report example, asylum polygraph examination

declaration, under penalty of perjury
(when submitting a polygraph report into court evidence;
often done on ‘pleading –numbered- paper’)

Sample sheet: pleading paper
(you can photocopy)

News story involving immigration and polygraph

website of an Immigration/Asylum polygraph specialist

Using an Interpreter
(Federal training)

Using an Interpreter
(additional Federal training)

Federal Rules of Evidence
(Article VII: Opinions and Expert Testimony)

Federal Rule of Evidence 702
(Testimony by Experts: qualified by knowledge,
skill, experience, training, or education)

Immigration/Asylum textbooks
(build your library)

and more!

--- Dates and specifications are subject to change---

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