Polygraph Academies and Training

With continued complaints about various academies
being verified by PEOA, it is best to request a specific
rating from us now instead of relying on outdated lists.

'Accreditation' or 'approval' by a polygraph organization
or by a school-licensing board is NOT assurance
of the school having modern & updated materials.

From a published report written by a polygraph examiner
with 40 years experience, who taught at the US Government
polygraph academy and who now works with
polygraph licensing bureaus and polygraph schools:

"The XXXXXXX Polygraph Association (XXX) in all appearance should be
the watchdog of the industry, but it is no more than a trade association
with minimal standards as to what a polygraph school should teach
The XXX scratches the surface with school inspections and student review.
As a matter of fact, the XXX was denied authority by the Department of
Education for academically accrediting polygraph schools, therefore,

the XXX possesses little or no authority to
endorse a post-secondary educational institution".

E-mail PEOA or call (818) 883-6969 for a
PEOA rating/opinion/comment history for any school.

Reliable self-study material is available
at PolygraphAcademy.com